lalitAtrishatI: Summary of names from 121-140

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121. sakArarUpA
SHE who is represented by the akShara sa.
AUM sakArarUpAyai namaH

122. sarvaj~nA
SHE who is omniscient.
AUM sarvaj~nAyai namaH

123. sarveshI
SHE who is the ruler of all. As the inner ruler SHE directs all.
AUM sarveshyai namaH

124. sarvamangalA
SHE whose form is all auspiciousness.
AUM sarvama"ngalAyai namaH

125. sarvakartrI
SHE who  does everything.
AUM sarvakartryAi namaH

126. sarvabhartrI
SHE who bears everything.
AUM sarvabhartryai namaH

127. sarvaha.ntrI
SHE who destroys everything.
AUM sarvaha.ntryai namaH

128. sanAtanA
SHE who is ancient.
AUM sanAtanAyai namaH

129. sarvAnavadyA
SHE who has  faultless attributes.
AUM sarvAnavadyAyai namaH

130. sarvA"ngasundarI
SHE whose limbs (all) are beautiful.
AUM sarvA"ngasundaryai namaH

131. sarvasAkshiNI
SHE who is the witness of all.
AUM sarvasAkshinyai namaH

132. sarvAtmikA
SHE is the Self of all.
AUM sarvAtmikAyai namaH

133. sarvasaukhyadhAtrI
SHE who is the giver of all happiness
AUM sarvasaukhyadAtryai namaH

134. sarva vimohinI
SHE who deludes all.
AUM sarvavimohinyai namaH

135. sarvAdhArA
SHE who is the basis for everything
AUM sarvAdhArAyai namaH

136. sarvagatA
SHE who is immanent in everything
AUM sarvagatAyai namaH

137. sarvAvaguNa varjitA
SHE who is devoid of all bad qualities.
AUM sarvAvaguNavarjitAyai namaH

138. sarvAruNA
SHE who is red colored everywhere
AUM sarvAruNAyai namaH

139. sarvamAtA
SHE who is inferred from the resultant act (jagat) as SHE is its cause.
AUM sarvamAtre namaH

140. sarvAbhUShaNabhUShitA
SHE who is adorned by all the ornaments.
AUM sarvabhUShaNabhUShitAyai namaH

based on a translation of shrI shankara
bhAshyam of shrI lalita trishatI

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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Guy Werlings wrote:

> > In the book "Dancing with Siva" by shrI shivAya subramuniya
> > svAmi, there is a reference to something called "shiva-advaita".
> > Not much detail is given there though. Author talks about
> > "shrI appaya dIkshita" in this regard.
> Namaste ! Here is the "boring questioning Guy" again. I do not want to
> show any disrespect to anybody and  especially certainly not to a sAdhu,

[ ... ]

> every Frenchman knows even approximately where the HimAlaya is. So, to
> read about an HimAlayan Academy (hello Plato !) in Hawai is rather
> amusing. Of course it must be a pretty nice place to run an electronic

In which case you should find the "Indian Embassy" in France also rather
amusing, I suppose :-). Just as the Indian embassy in France is to
represent India, I would presume that the Himalayan Academy is to spread
the glory of the person residing in the Himalayas - namely shiva. That
is in fact, the purpose of their organization. I think we need not fear
too much about offending Plato regarding this terminology (what
objection he may have had I don't know).

> ashram and to deliver daily telephone sermonnettes must be  rather
> comfortable and not to exhausting. In that perspective our discussions

Perhaps not too exhausting. Though I fail to see what it has to do with
his teachings. Maybe he should participate in some Ironman triathalons
to exhaust himself perhaps?

I know they call themselves the Saiva Siddhanta Church, which sounds
slightly awkward. I have read some chapters in the book mentioned by
Ravi in the bookstore, and it's a nice book, encylopaedic, so you can't
really expect it to go into the nitty-gritty on every thing. He is also
quite faithful the the shaiva tradition of Tamil Nadu, and was initiated
by a yogi of the same line, I am led to believe. He also does not try to
deliver some hodge-podge like some I have seen, which you may expect
because of the word "church". And his organization does not
systematically degrade other Hindu traditions like some other
so-called-vedic organizations based in the West. All in all, I think we
can appreciate the good swami for spreading the cause of shiva-bhakti in
a nice manner.

And if we can believe emails on this list, why not the good Swami? I
think we can credit him with some basic common-sense, which is all we
need for writing a precis of Appayya Dixitar's contributions.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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