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Mon Oct 19 20:47:22 CDT 1998

>On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Anand Hudli wrote:
>>  learned by listening and reciting it. It should not be learned
>>  otherwise. I   remember HH Shri Abhinava Vidyateertha of Sringeri's
>>  saying in a lecture that even if one tries to learn shruti by
>>  listening to a cassette recording, etc., that does not constitute a
>>  proper method of learning shruti. So shruti is something that is
>>  heard directly from the mouth of a Guru or a person qualified to
>>  chant it, with no intervening medium.
>Thanks for pointing this out. In fact, I  wanted to ask this
  While we're on this subject, does Austin have a traditional
  temple now? I visited Austin a few times during 1993-1996.
  The University library has a truly spectacular collection of
  books on all aspects of Indian philosophy and religion, and
  Sanskrit literature. I remember San Antonio, which isn't too far,
  had a nice temple with a couple of learned archakas. Are they still
  with the temple? I think they can teach portions of the Vedas.


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