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I don't know about Nirvana Shatakam but there is a stotra of
Shankaracharya called Nirvana Dashakam or Dashashloki.  This has been
commented on by Swami Madhusudana Saraswati in the Siddhantabindu.

The story is Shankaracharya was in Kashi and went daily to take a bath in
the Ganga.  One morning his way was blocked by a Dom (a member of the
untouchable caste who are responsible for burning the bodies of the dead
in that city.)  shankaracharya angrily ordered him out of the way.  The
Dom replied by asking Shankaracharya who he was, what was his caste and
ashrama etc.  Shankaracharya instantly realized this was no ordinary man
but Kashinath Shiva Bhagawan who ultimately is none other than himself.
On the spot he composed this stotra of 10 shlokas the refrain of which is
chidanandarupam shivo'ham shivo'ham.

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On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, k srinivasan wrote:

> Namaste,
>          Can any one tell me when Sri Shankara Composed the Nirvana
> Shatakam ?.
>     Thank You,
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> Srinivasan k
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