Questions to Ravisankar S Mayavaram (was French scholars translations)

Guy Werlings guy.werlings at WANADOO.FR
Sun Oct 18 14:06:04 CDT 1998

MSR wrote on Oct 15:
> namaste Guy:
> The questions you ask are very complex. I have no authority to
> answer them.  I think all these fundamental problems arise
> because we chose to learn from printed texts. The right way is to
> learn from a competent teacher.
>  (...I erase a major part of you message to spare room on our respective
hard disks)

> I live in a glass house, I throw stones only at mine. If it broke
> your window by error, I can only apologize.

Namaste Ravi ! Don't worry, you didn't break my window. On the contrary,
you gave me good food for thought, as one says commonly in the States if
I was well informed.
> To be honest, my head
> is filled many questions related to what I should do and how?

Same for me, as you probably saw from my tendency to enquire repeatedly.

> I
> am waiting to ask them when I meet shrI jayendra sarasvati or
> shrI shankaravijayendra sarasvati. Till then the best I can do is
> avoid what I am prohibited to do on my own. This mail, I wrote so
> much in first person, so that  I give no room for doubt, that the
> stones are thrown only at my glass house.
> But you are welcome to throw stones at my house ;

Certainly not, Ravi. Why should I do such a thing ? I consider you as a
most honest and staunch seeker from whom I can learn a lot and get
stimulation and emulation (French "Ă©mulation", which is in no case
"rivalry", (as rhe Harrap's says) but a mutual incentive towards the
same goal). On top of that, as you know I studied the MANDUKya kArikA
quite a lot, even if I was not entitled. And my personal admiration and
respect for SrI GauDapAdAcarya knows no limit since I read and meditated
the kArikAs III.17-18. If we advaitins cannot clash with dualists, how
could we clash with one another or do any harm to one another. This was
pointed out to me several times by my vedAnta teacher, and was earlier
pointed out to rAjasevAsakta SrI V. subrahmanya Iyer by his own Guru,
SrI Jagadguru Sivabhinava Narasimha Bharati MahasvAmigal of SrI Sringeri
SAradA PItham, on their very first meeting, before the turn of this
century. (see VSI's illuminating foreword to the translation of
the MANDUkyopanishad published by SrI Râmakrishna Asrama Mysore, 5th
edition 1955).

> With love and respects,

which I send to you reciprocally


bhava Sankara deSika me sharaNam

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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