To whom is Self revealed?

Thu Oct 15 09:51:27 CDT 1998


Last night I was told (in a dream) by a Saint that "Self is
revealed to the Self with "I" as its support, and not to the
mind".  After this my mind jumped on to the verse "mano buddhi
ahaMkAra chittAni nAhaM".

What does the phrase "I as its support" mean?  Does it convey
anything? To whom is Self revealed? I do not understand what
exactly is meant by "Self reveals itself to Self"

The fact it is not revealed to the mind was very revealing to me.
When we say that we strive for self realization, all we do is

1) Purify the chitta through regular practice of nitya karma-s,
yoga. etc.

2) Turn the chitta (or is it buddhi?) inward and do Atma vichara
to destroy the ahaMkAra.

In the process chitta becomes pure and free from vAsana-s and
ahAmkara is destroyed. The internal organ becomes a thin
transparent veil letting the light of Atman shine through. Is
that stage  jIvanamuktI ?

Another question is this regard is, if I understood Vidya's mail
correctly, Atma jnAnam is not enjoined. That does indicate that
it is a natural state of the Atman and is revealed when one
strives for Self realization? Is striving for Self realization
enjoined on anybody (or everybody?)

Am I correct in my understanding? Help in clarifying these points
will be gratefully appreciated. I am sorry if I have not worded
my questions correctly. I am sure in some of the previous posts
these points were well answered, if so, pardon my ignorance for
asking these questions again.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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