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Subhanu Saxena Subhanu.Saxena at INTL.PEPSI.COM
Mon Oct 12 05:11:02 CDT 1998

        Reading the interchanges post my reponse to Guy's posting, I
just wanted to clarify my own posting:

        1) I certainly did not want to suggest that one should never
read a translation of a text, or a attempt a translation.  What I hoped
I was conveying was that I empathise with those who have tried to
accomplish this extremely difficult, noble task . As much as an optimist
as I am, I think it would be overly optimistic to expect everybody to
study the original Sanksrit texts. There is no doubt, however, that a
good (and perversly a very bad as well) translation can indeed inspire
somebody to take up a study of Sanskrit to delve deeper.  This was
certainly a key reason as to why  I took up a study of Sanskrit.  I
loved some translations and hated others, and just wanted to read the
original texts myself to come to an opinion.

        2) By stating my preference for conversing in Sanskrit when it
is possible/not translating key words when talking in English, I was
merely admitting that I have not yet "cracked the code" as to how to do
this well in English or any other language. I am sure there are those
out there who will have a greater facility in this, and I look forward
to their suggestions/hints.  At the same time, I am a
supporter/advocater that those who have the inclination and desire
should take up a study of the original Sanskrit texts should they wish
to go deeper.

        3) Finally, to those who approach translation or want to  learn
Sanskrit, I offered the suggestion that studying conversational Sanskrit
as part of their studies would great facilitate their learning, and also
their ability to translate.

        Hope this clarifies my position



"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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