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On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Guy Werlings wrote:

> Should like to know if everbody in the list shares this view as to
> equating asparSa yoga in MK wit sam.nyAsa.
> To me, as a yoga of no-contact, asparSa yoga would rather refer to SrI
> GAUDapAda's method of non-causality.

The word yoga implies a practical method whereas vada implies a theory.
Thus asparshayoga is the practical application of ajativada which is
Gaudapadacharyas theory of non-causality.  asparshavada doesn't make

The charactaristics of action is creation and destruction.  If creation
and destruction do not really exist then it follows that action doesn't
really exist and thus cannot be a means of true knowledge.  The only
alternative left is the renunciation of actions.

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