144. kAmitArthadA

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144. kAmitArthadA

SHE who is the giver of the desired objects.  According to
br^ihadAraNyaka upaniShad, "AptakAmaH", his desire is Atman which
he already has [6-4-6]. Here the desire is attributed to Atman.
In the state of saMsAra, Atman has his bliss masked. Hence, he
appears to be in the state of not having it. He desires that "let
me have this eternal bliss (that is liberation)". But this bliss
is already there and only masked by limitations. SHE dispels
these limitations resulting in the illuminating experience of the
bliss, attaining what is already possessed. In that way SHE gives
the desired object. Therefore, desire is attributed to Atman.

AUM kAmitArthadAyai namaH
>From  a translation of
shrI shankara bhAshyam of shrI lalita trishatI

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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