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Personal Information: Presently working as a software engineer in Intel
Corporation, Portland Oregon for the past 2.5 years.

I had read Bhagavadgita first time during my 7th standard, learned to recite
the parts of it during my 9th standard. Later during my undergraduate years,
read the complete works of Vivekananda & his discourses upon Vedanta &
discourses of Ramakrishna, read Vinoba's interpretation of the Gita, been
very much influenced by reading J.Krishnamurti later on. Been reading &
rereading the Gita on and off, every time with new clarifications & new
confusions. My present interest is to know the _prasthAna traya_ better from
the sources, as explained by the great _bhAshyakaras_.

To give an idea of my interests & leanings, here are a sample questions I
often ask myself:

                What is the importance of the  practice of Karma, both in
the ritualistic sense & secular sense ?

                What is the relation between the teachings of Advaita &
those of the "popular" saints like Ramakrishna, Sai Baba, Sivananda &
Yogananda ?

                Who are the modern interpreters & practitioners of Vedanta ?

                What is the history of Advaita Vedanta ? Does the word
'Vedanta" imply Advaita as taught by Sri Sankara or is it notion contained
in the Vedas, only to be rejuvenated by Sri Sankara ?

I find that contributions to this list tend to make more frequent references
to the source works of Hinduism than those in the  other list on Advaita
managed by Sri Ram Chandran (this is not to compare the merits of the lists
in any way) & find it personally useful.


Hari Krishna

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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