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Further details about the  govardhana maTha

kShetraM cha vR^Shala devI sarva lokeShu vishrutA |
prakAsha brahmachAriti hastAmalaka saMj~nitaH || 9||

The kShetram where the maTha is located (pUri) and the shaktI
(vR^ishala devI*) are well known in all the worlds.  shrI
hastAmalaka, the first Acharya of the mATha, is known as the
prakAsha brahmachAri**.


* I think vR^ishala devI means shrI subhadra. The yadava dynasty
in which shrI kR^iShNa was brought up is known as vArShnI dynasty
and shrI kR^iShNa is sometimes addressed as vArShneya. shrI
subhadra devI who is the sister of shrI kR^iShNa adorns the Puri
jagannAtha temple along Him and shrI balarAma [Please correct me
if I am wrong here]

** I will appreciate if some one can throw more light on the
"brahmachAri" references in the text. In the context of
dvArakA-shArada maTha we encountered the term svarUpa
brahmachAri. Here it is more clear in referring shrI hastAmalaka
as prAkasha brahmachAri


AUM namo bhagavate vAsudevAya

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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Gregory Goode wrote:

I did not point out in my original post, since I did not want to get
into this. However: the net of jewels with each reflecting one another
is a typical Buddhist example to bring out the point that there is no
substratum, but just each momentary thing reflecting one another, as by
the xaNikavAdins. This is firmly refuted by sha.nkara in his
sUtra-bhAshhya and Suresvara in his vArttika and the mAnasollAsa.
However much there might be some soimilarity to some upanishad, it
misses the insistence of substratum by advaita. Just by this "each
reflecting one another" we can decide it's a Buddhist example. The quote
given by shubanu on "warp and woof of all" is COMPLETELY different as it
insists on a substratum. A little thought will show the importance of
AdhishhTAna, which is missing in the previous illustration. See the
works of sarvaGYAtman for a fine discussion of this.

> Thanks for covering so many bases in your well-researched reply to my Net
> of Jewels inquiry.  I sent it on to the inquirer, and he asked for a page
> reference!  Seems he has an early draft of the Thomas Cleary edition of the
> avatamsaka sutram.

This is a good point to take the discussion off-line. We had decided to
stick to _advaita_ _as_ _taught_ by _sha.nkara_ in this list. Thank you.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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