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Here is a passage from "The Age of Vidyaranya" written by K.R.Venkataraman

" Spiritual aspirants not capable of attaining the goal through vichara
(cogitation), discrimination and meditation need a practical method of
sadhanas or spiritual practices-  which the Agamas provide.  In the sadhanas
are integrated karma in the form ritualistic practices, bhakti and yoga, all
helping to reach the final goal of the identity of the individual self with
the supreme self.  The fusion of  Agamic (Tantrika) sadhana with the Advaitic
goal that had been superbly worked out by Sri Gaudapada and Sri Sankara,
received a fillip from Sri Bharati Tirtha and Sri Vidyaranya."

I am greatful to Giri, Rama and Vidya for helping me to receive the book on
Sri Vidyaranya. I heard of Sri Vidyaranya but I dont know much about him.
Let me tell you a personal experience.  I met a saintly man when I went to
India in April  to perform the vanadurga homam for a material benefit which I
did. He told me to remember vidyaranya.  After I returned to USA I tried to
get a book on Sri Vidyaranya.  Finally I got the book from Sringeri Math and
prasadam of Sri Sharada.  Surprisingly I got an E-Mail from from somebody
named "Bhavani" that the  information is forthcoming.  Normally I dont delete
anything but unfortunately I deleted this message. Now I dont know who sent
the mail.  Since it is signed Bhavani it is her message.

I am glad to know that I am going in the right direction.  Jnaana marga is
difficult or impossible in kaliyuga.  My advise to all is to follow karma and
bhakti yogas devoid of "I".

sarvam parameswari arpanamastu                                   Nagy

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