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Sun May 24 16:54:02 CDT 1998


Thanks Murty garu for correcting my perception of vairAgya.

>The desire, the very opposite of vairAgya, is only dormant in that stage, it
has not died out
>the desire that particular property of the Ego, just is simply biding its

Vivekachudamani:   When the rising of the desires for the objects of senses
has ceased, non attachment or vairagya has been complete.

In the above translation of the sloka,  key words as I see are "desires..
ceased..vairagya.   How one to know whether desires ceased?
It can be like you said dormant.. biding its time or it could be mental
I think when one has  equal vision to the opposites and becomes a witness
rathan than doer.  If you have different explanation please post to correct my

Now that we have some understanding of the definition of vairagya
(desirelessness) are there any slokas in vivekachudamani to show how it is
connected to poverty/riches and suffering/enjoyment.  Why kunti devi wanted to
be in the state of misery and why Buddha left the riches.  Each one could have
stayed where they are and at the same time be desireless. Does viveka
chudamani say anything about environment or ones state in life that play a
part in making one desireless.

I agree to disagree with you on the point of prerequistes.   In the process of
learning, the school always puts prerequsites.  To get an M.A one has to
complete B.A.
To attain the sate of non attchment there has to be some prerequisites... may
be I am not expressing it right.  dont call prerequsites... say requirements
or correct state of conditions that makes one to see the truth.


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