Chelluri Chelluri at AOL.COM
Sat May 23 15:57:03 CDT 1998

Namaste Vivek.   You asked a good question.   I am thinking of asking to
revive the topic.  Surprisingly you posted it.    It was discussed before like
you said but still there are questions.  Hope some learned and experienced
people on list will respond.

My views on the topic are:

VairAagyam (detachment from worldly affairs and attachment to divine.  I dont
know whether this definition is correct if not somebody correct me).
Vairagyam is a divine gift.   It comes automatically by her grace.
>From what I learned from study, observation and experience, Vairagyam comes
when one faces untold miseries, pain and suffering and at the same time, never
looses the faith realizing that this is a passing phase and not permanent.
Permanent is the love and devotion to Devi.
It seems that Kunti Devi prays to Lord Krishna to keep her in misery so she
will always remeber him.   This is puzzling to me.   Why in misery? Why not in
I asked a saintly lady, who is currently touring USA-
Why vairagyam comes only when one is  in difficulties and completely filled
with sorrow ?
Why not to one having everything a human aspires for i.e., health, riches,
fame and authority?
She said difficulties develop vairAaGyam  and detach one from  ahamkara.
Perhaps she is right.  But then I said- I learned of Siddartha who is the only
person who has everthing a human could have but gaveup all seeing the truth.
She said Siddartha also had difficulties.  I never heard Siddartha having any
There ended our two minute discussion.  As there several people waiting I did
not want to pursue further.  My wife says Siddartha is an Avatara thats why he
was able to acquire vairagyam at an early age.  If she is his wife she would
not let him go.
Now I am asking the list members to tell whether facing difficulties is a
prerequisite for vairAaGyam?

Some say do everything you supposed to do yet be detached completely from it.
Sarvam krishana arpanamstu.  Honestly is this possible?   We worry about
everything and more in this world. We worry about a visa for some relative,
worry about admission in some college,  worry about exams, graduation, finding
and keeping a job and on,  and on and on.   If one has the attitude of
detachment, only his family, friends and employer can tell what happens next!

Having said all that, I conclude that it is not right to have a prerequisite
whether it be difficulties and suffering or riches and enjoyment .  Any


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