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Thanks very much for admiiting me into the list.    I was introduced to
this list while attending Geetha Classes conducted by Chinmaya Mission's
Washington Regional Center.  I am curretnly being taught by eminent
scholars like Sadananda and Ramachandran in these classes.   I enjoy
reading the scholarly postings in this list and as such I will be more of a

About my interest in Advaita: I have only known about AdiShankara's works,
not studied them.  My father used to be a voracious reader, and a
practical-vedantin - (his favourite expression was 'bili batte sanyasi-
sanyasi in plain clothes').  While teaching sanskrit, he used to teach me
meanings of  BhajaGovindam, and some other slokas of Adi Shankara.  There
ended my knowledge of vedanta.   Currently, I am reading
'JeevanaDharmaYoga' - discussions on BhagawadGeetha by Dr. DVG, and english
translation of AdiShankara's Bhashya on Vishnu Shasranama.  I look forward
to learn more (and adapt) from the articles being posted in the list.



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        Landmark Systems Corp.
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        (703) 893-1422 (fax)
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