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>Sadananda writes :
>>essentially analyze the analyst.
>who's the analyst - the intellect. so that's what's to be analyzed - the
>analyzer ie the intellect.

Intellect is an instrument - jadam - it cannot do the analysis. I have to
illumine the intellect for the analysis to take place. In my presence the
intellect functions - it is part of the subtle matter. Anya adheena
prakaashatvam tat jadam - that which depends on some thing other than
itself for its existence or illumination is Jadam.

 yan manasaa na manute yenaahur manomatam
 tadeva brahma twam viddi nedam yadidamupaasate||

says kena. that which mind can not think but because of which the mind has
the capacity to think is Brahman -

I am the conscious entity and only the conscious entity can do the
analysis. Inert entity cannot do the analysis.

It is the same as - who am I an inquiry - but as you pointed out it is a
thought process - though thought inquiring who is the thinker - that kind
of inquiry will soon lead  to a dead end with no thoughts raising since
there is again another thought trying to inquire who is thinker of that
thought is.  But yet there is a  vigilant conscious entity looking for an
answer.  There is an observer without the observed - the duality ceases -
only the observance or consciousness remains or only I remain since I am
the conscious entity.

One has to try it to see if this is true. - In our class I gave an example
for this.  There was a blind man and all attempts to get his eye-sight back
failed.  He was getting frustrated.  At last one famous eye-doctor promised
him that he can do the operation and secure his eye-sight.  Operation went
successful.  After the surgery the doctor removed the bandages and asked
the patient to open his eyes.  But the patient refused.  He said it has
been disappointing experience in the past.  He said I will open the eyes
only if the doctor guarantees that his eyes are cured. He was not satisfied
with the doctors statements that the operation was successful  What can the
doctor do? seeing is opening the eyes. There is no other means.  Similarly
Vedanta too.  We have to take the experience of the sages and the shastras
as pramana.  They provide a working hypothesis for us to pursue
independently to discover ourselves whether scriptures are right or
Shankara is right etc. No amount of discussion etc will help unless one
sits in the seat of meditation and inquire along the direction pointed out
by achaaryaas.  That is the only way.

My suggestion is try to analyze the analyst see if Ramana is right or
wrong. That is the only  litmus test.

Hari Om!

>with what does one analyze - the intellect.
>So are we to analyze the intellect with the intellect? How can the
>knower be known?
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