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Tue May 12 14:22:53 CDT 1998

On Fri, 8 May 1998, Charles Wikner wrote:

> Well, that's my two cents worth.  Now that you have the etymology,
> what do you make of it?

Nothing.  Words have denotative meanings as well as connotative ones.
There is ample evidence in the whole spectrum of Sanskrit literature of
vipra being a synonym for a Brahmana by caste.

> If it helps, you will find the word vipra
> used in GK 4.86.

This is interesting because it seems to suggest that Brahmana refers to a
knower of Brahman not to a caste.  But it and the bhasya thereon is a
praise of the Brahmana par excellance.  What it's saying is that the best
among Brahmanas are the knowers of Brahman.  It does not imply that those
who don't know are not Brahmanas just inferior ones.

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