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> To give but one more perspective on this matter, Vedantins oft-quote the
> verse, "Sruti, Yukti, Anubhava" = first one hears the liberating truth;
> then one reflects upon it; finally one experiences it." Always, always, the
> final word in Vedanta is personal experience. As a philosophical system
> Vedanta may be concerned with textual exegesis. As a description of
> what-is, it is an experience. To reveal the Self is the be-all and end-all
> of Advaita. This experience, Advaita further claims, is within the reach of
> all. The same method does not suit everyone. The average person can have no
> knowledge of the particular combination of factors that is necessary to
> bring to completion the hitherto neglected factors of one's being. Thus, it
> is not really theory that Advaita advocates, so much as experience.
> "Philosophy is not his (Shankara's) aim but is rather a vital weapon with
> which to fulfill this aim, which is to rescue people out of transmigratory
> existence."
> John

Nowadays Yoga and Vedanta have become so thoroughly fused most people
don't know the difference but there are notable differences.  Compare the
attitude of Vedantins to texts to that of Samkhya-Yoga.   These people are
astikas in the sense they also believe in the validity of Shruti but this
is because they believe the Vedas are the records of the mystical
experiences of great Yogis whose insights are infallible.  This is
completely different from the Vedantins who as Mimamsakas completely deny
_any_ personality to the Vedas.  Some Purva Mimamsakas go so far as to
deny the Vedic Devas and Rshis are anything other than fictional
placeholders!  It would be correct to say the final word for Yogis is
personal experience, Shankaracharya on the other hands thinks
contemplation and understanding of the Vedanta texts is all it takes to
achieve jnana and  no experience is necessary at all. The experience will
come later as your quote indicates.

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