Shankara's Lakshminrisimha stotram translated by Anand Part 1

Anand Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 11 12:40:34 CDT 1998

 Swami Vishvarupananda wrote:
>Om Anand,
>I searched the usenet and managed to get all the parts of the stotram
>your translations together. Let me post it here for the benefit of all.
>was astonished that you did not put it up on the Sanskrit Document
>when you have taken so much pain typing and translating it.

 Thanks for collecting all parts of the stotra and posting it.

 I was looking for some more information that I had seen months
 ago on the Internet. Ahobila in Andhra Pradesh is famous for
 being a center of Narasimha worship and for its Narasimha temples.

 Unfortunately, the home page link to the Ahobila Math seems to be
 not valid, currently.

 Those interested in nice pictures of Narasimha and His icons and
 related information may try the following page (seems to be
 associated with the Hare Krishna's):

 There is also some material about Ahobila in this site.


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