Free will and destiny

Swami Vishvarupananda omkar at GIASDL01.VSNL.NET.IN
Sun May 10 03:41:47 CDT 1998

Giriji wrote:

>        Before the day you were born, your name, the caste, the name of
>your spouse, children, qualifications you will have, money you will make
>and the day you parents will pass on, and even the day that your body will
>be burnt is written down. If you do not believe me, you can read

>        Naturally, there arises a question on how much of free will is
>there and how much is destiny. As given above, it becomes clear that there
>is atleast some role of destiny. There has to be free will, otherwise, the
>scriptures are all useless and it becomes laughable that sages like

Imo the accuracy of the nadi predictions is because they are not based
merely on astrology, but were written down by seers. To them time does not
exist, and when they see, the see not only what will come our way, but they
also see, how our free will lead us to act. I'm still of the oppinion, if
you read those leaves and see that what you are going to do will be a
mistake you can decide to do it otherwise. It may require a good amount of
will-power, though.

Om Vishvarupananda

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