Request for Translation and Commentary.

Vivek Anand Ganesan v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM
Fri May 8 13:09:32 CDT 1998

   I thank ShrI Grimes and ShrI Vyas for their replies to my previous

   After reading the various posts of the week past, I have come to
appreciate the importance of Scriptural exegesis in Vedanta.  I have
also understood that there are several interpretations given to
Scriptural testimony.  But, I really enjoyed the textual emphasis in
the discussions and the extensive ( and excellent! ) citations from
the Scriptures.

   Hence, I kindly request the learned members of this list to post
translations and commentary on important texts, starting with
Vivekachoodamani.  It would be very helpful to beginners like me if it
is slow paced, say one shloka a week but with an in-depth analysis and
explanation of the shloka ( if not too elementary, even word by word
).  I am not very proficient with Sanskrit and this would be a great

   I greatly benefited from the previous discussions and humbly
request greater coverage to explanation of the texts and scriptures of

Thank you,


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