REQUEST: sanskrit text of shrI lalitAtrishatI bhAShyam

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
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Can someone give me the reference  for a book which has
the shrIlalitAtrishatI bhAShyam by shrI shankara in saMskR^itam.

Thanks for your help.

with respects,
AUM shankarAchAryavaryAya namaH
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Parisi & Watson wrote:

> Let me illustrate my point with a crude example. Let's
> say that I go to a physician and report some strange disruption of my
> field of vision... something like what epilepsy patients sometimes
> report. I am not only the best, but also the sole authority on the
> nature and description of my experience, and the doctor will have no
> source for information about it other than my reports. But does this
> privileged access to the experience also qualify me to say what caused
> it, or what its significance is? Why would a similar question not apply
> to what we call the experience of samadhi? Does not an intense course
> of prior study predispose us to interpret it in a certain way?

As Giri pointed out, there's never any mention of what the
state itself is like.  Mainly because descriptions are not
only impossible but irrelevant!  The idea of "experience"
itself is irrelevant.  As is the idea of a "subject" having
an "experience."   These are relative concepts, part and
parcel of the dancing snake arising out of the ether of Mind.
Stop this Mind, or at least hold it at bay, and what's been
ever in your midst will be revealed.  This is the Substratum.
Now, the totality of what is, is the attributeless Substratum
(nirguna brahman) in conjunction with Its shakti projection or
Mind (saguna brahman).  Thus when both are wholeheartedly
embraced, the Mind's activity gets "neutralized" by the
unfathomable Substratum.  That is, the ego [supporting the
Mind] is in fact no longer in existence as ego (defined as
a separative, exclusive entity), but is rather existentially
absorbed, as it were, into its source and lone reality:
the *unchanging* Self.  Thus It is ever in our midst and
needs no logical proof of Its existence since It is Existence
Itself!  This is why It's referred to as sat-chit-ananda.


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