f. maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Thu May 7 18:30:50 CDT 1998

Parisi & Watson wrote:

> Let me illustrate my point with a crude example. Let's
> say that I go to a physician and report some strange disruption of my
> field of vision... something like what epilepsy patients sometimes
> report. I am not only the best, but also the sole authority on the
> nature and description of my experience, and the doctor will have no
> source for information about it other than my reports. But does this
> privileged access to the experience also qualify me to say what caused
> it, or what its significance is? Why would a similar question not apply
> to what we call the experience of samadhi?

Because samadhi discloses something that is immediately
recognized to have been there all along.  It's a new way
of looking at what has been within one's midst all along!
It's best referred to as atmabhavana, the unchanging feeling
that is the Self Being.  This [everpresent Being-ness] doesn't
have to be explained to anyone, including an infant.  It's
the only criteria that can be truly self-evident, no?  hahaha!
No pun intended!


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