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On Wed, 6 May 1998, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:

>There is nothing fanciful about the translation. Prof. Grimes was
>telling nothing about vedAdhikara here. In fact, as Prof. Grimes has
>translated, it's much more difficult to be born with the qualities he
>has ennumerated than a mere brahmin by birth. Being born a brahmin means
>NOTHING. The kind of atrocities they did in the last two centuries is
>nothing short of nauseating. I won't go into that stuff here. Hoowever,
>sitting as you are in NJ writing software, you are far from being a
>brahmin. You are not even following your dharma. By the very smRiti-s
>you quote you are not.

namaskAram Ramakrishnan

But does not original the verses refer to the vedAdhikAram.

Take verse 2, It follows vipratA with vaidika-dharma-mArga paratA. Not
just being born as brahmin, following vaidika dharma mArga is even
superior and more difficult to do. And in verse 4, what does the term
shrutipAra darshanam refer to.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

I agree with you that one need be a brahmin to attain mokSham, and not
even a human (take gajendra moksham as example).

With respects,

jantuunaaM nara-janma durlabhaM ataH pu.nstvaM tato viprataa
tasmaat.h vaidika-dharma-maarga parataa vidvattvaM asmaat.h param.h .
aatma anaatma vivechanaM sva anubhavo brahma atmanaa sa.nsthitiH
muk{}tirno shatajanmakoTisukR^itaiH puNyairvinaa labhyate .. 2..

lab{}dhvaa kathachin{}narajanma durlabhaM
    tatraapi pu.nstvaM shrutipaaradarshanam.h .
yas{}tvaatmamuk{}tau na yateta muuDhadhiiH
    sa hyaatmahaa svaM vinihan{}tyasad.hgrahaat.h .. 4..

{I am sorry for not providing the translation)

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