john grimes grimesj at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed May 6 05:51:31 CDT 1998

Sadananda wrote:

>I like to know  etymological origin for the word Viprata - one can extract
>more deeper meaning beyond its direct meaning.
>I enjoyed reading John Grimes exhaustive explanation of the
>VivekachuuDamaNi verse.  If it does not infringe the copy rights, I wonder
>if he can (atleast selectively) discuss the versus with his commentary for
>the group.

If I am not mistaken, viprataa comes from >vip "to tremble, shake, shiver,
vibrate, quiver, be stirred and thus > vipra "stirred, excited inwardly,
inspired, wise, learned, sage, seer, singer, poet, brahmin, priest etc"

I will try to share some of the verses with my commentary/notes as and when
it seems appropriate. The work is almost completed (this summer if all goes
well) and then it will look for a publisher. I don't see why not I can't
share it (unless someone knows otherwise).

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