Bhakti, Sadhana etc.

f. maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Tue May 5 13:23:32 CDT 1998

suddha chit is indeed the central sadhana for the jiva in
vyavaharika.  Hand in hand with this develops the certainty
that there is nothing to know; that this entire life event
is an unfathomable mystery; that whatever we think we know
of it is a phenomenon of an isolated machination; that the
more we delve and discover within it, the more we recognize
it being a product of the maya of Mind; that the essence of
who and what we really are is devoid of identification; that
the only reality we can intellectually behold is no reality;
that we are, automatically, regardless of what we think, say,
or do, the perfection of freedom; that when no thought is or
can be compelling, we are effortlessly blissfully being.

My karmayog motto for the "doing" of sadhana is "act as
though everything matters, *be* as though nothing does."


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