The link between Vyavaharika and Paramartika

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Mon May 4 11:08:57 CDT 1998

>There is nothing which is done for "its own sake".
Agreed. Even when I'm in the state of "no doer", my pupose is precisely
just that - to be in the state of "no doer".

>mAyA is not all encompassing
I don't understand what you're saying Prashant. As you yourself say, one
cannot understand the Atman the way one understands normal things in
this world. So in this world, in our current state - Vyavaharika, Atman
is beyond us - so mAyA in our current state and world is indeed all

>You think that you are something more than what you currently are.  And
>you have to achieve that.  But you don't even know that you are
>something, so how can you be something else?
Prashant, let me first make it clear that I'm not trying be one with God
or Brahman etc For me this quest is just to try to find a meaning to my
existence and I'm not the least interested in trying be something
superior to what I currently am. And it would be a mistake to say I
currently don't know what I'm. In my relative existence, I'm quite aware
of what I'm and my doubts and questions are only directed towards those
concepts which deny the relative reality of my existence and postulate a
higher ideal.

>Or do you want to follow your vedic
>dharma and realise this limitation and thus eventually attain brahmAn.
As a rational person, with all these concepts, I just wanted logical
proof that an Eternal Absolute exists in me. Now I realize that it's not
possible to logically prove this, as Maya IS indeed all encompassing in
this empirical world :-). I also realize the limitation of my mind and
intellect and hence understand the acharyas who state that Advaitam is
experential. So all I can do is tread their path and see for myself
where it leads.

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