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I want to echo Anand's expression of joy for  Dr. John Grime's membership
to the list.  I have studied his scholarly book The Seven Great Untenables
(Saptavidhanupapatti) (Motilal Banarsidass).  In fact I must say I have
read the book many times.   It was written very beautifully and I learned a
lot from that book, and found it as a verygood reference book.  I have not
read his other books and intend to do so when I get hold of them someday.
My hearty welcome to Dr. Grimes and to his scholarship and I am sure people
like me get a great benefit by his participation.

Hari Om!

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>Namaskar and svaagatam!
>   My name is John Grimes and I am currently teaching Hinduism and Buddhism
>at Michigan State University. I received my BA in Religious Studies at the
>University of California at Santa Barbara (under Professor Raimundo
>Panikkar) and my MA and PhD at the Radhakrishnan Institute for Advanced
>Study, University of Madras. My specialization is Advaita Vedanta,
>especially Suresvara. I am the author of Ganapati: Song of the Self; A
>Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy; and Problems and Perspectives in
>Religious Language: Advaita Vedanta Implications (all by SUNY Press). I am
>also the author of Naiskarmyasiddhi (Satguru Press); The Seven Great
>Untenables (Saptavidhanupapatti) (Motilal Banarsidass); An Advaita Vedanta
>Perspective on Language (Satguru Press); and Quest for Certainty: A
>Comparative STudy of Heidegger and Shankara (Lang Press).
>I have virtually completed a translation with notes of the Vivekacudamani.
>As one of my professors, R. Balasubramanian said when I arrived in Madras,
>"John came to us with his jijnasa already firmly established and has never
>wavered therefrom". Thank you, thank you, for the Advaita-L list and for
>accepting me to participate therein.
>Your own Self,

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