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Namaskar and svaagatam!
   My name is John Grimes and I am currently teaching Hinduism and Buddhism
at Michigan State University. I received my BA in Religious Studies at the
University of California at Santa Barbara (under Professor Raimundo
Panikkar) and my MA and PhD at the Radhakrishnan Institute for Advanced
Study, University of Madras. My specialization is Advaita Vedanta,
especially Suresvara. I am the author of Ganapati: Song of the Self; A
Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy; and Problems and Perspectives in
Religious Language: Advaita Vedanta Implications (all by SUNY Press). I am
also the author of Naiskarmyasiddhi (Satguru Press); The Seven Great
Untenables (Saptavidhanupapatti) (Motilal Banarsidass); An Advaita Vedanta
Perspective on Language (Satguru Press); and Quest for Certainty: A
Comparative STudy of Heidegger and Shankara (Lang Press).
I have virtually completed a translation with notes of the Vivekacudamani.
As one of my professors, R. Balasubramanian said when I arrived in Madras,
"John came to us with his jijnasa already firmly established and has never
wavered therefrom". Thank you, thank you, for the Advaita-L list and for
accepting me to participate therein.
Your own Self,

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