32. ekabhogA

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sat May 2 22:42:23 CDT 1998

32. ekabhogA

SHE is the unitary enjoyment.

"eka" means kAmeshvara and "bhoga" means SHE enjoys. SHE enjoys HER
identity with kAmeshvara.

Ignorance and its cause are but one. They are different only in the
form of cause and effect. SHE rules them by conferring HER own reality
to them. SHE being awareness limited by mAyA, rules as the cause of
birth, preservation and destruction. "ekAkI na ramate tataH patishcha
patnI chAbhavatam" [shruti] - 'Alone HE does not enjoy, hence he
became husband and wife'. Here it will be seen that the single
awareness of its own will, has become husband and wife for enjoyment.
So, in essence, it is only single enjoyment, i.e., "ekabhogA"

AUM ekabhogAyai namaH

>From shrI lalitAtrishatI bhAShya of shrI shankara.

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