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Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Wed Mar 25 12:57:55 CST 1998

Questions on jnaana and ajnaana initially cropped up sometime back when
I objected heavily to people ignoring the fact that though they weren't
jnaanis yet, they still talked about being the effulgent, immortal
conciousness, Self etc

All this I feel is just a matter of attitude. It would definitely be
advantageous to have a positive stance and reminding oneself that one's
the pure Self and not the senses or the mind, continuously, rather than
having a negative attitude about being an ajnaani. But one should be
careful that having a positive attitude shouldn't slide into a fantasy
forgetting reality. After all you're what you're - jnaani or ajnaani.

Actually when I started out reading the Upanishads I didn't have a very
positive attitude (thought it wasn't negative), but over a period of
time, that itself gave way to indifference about such thoughts or
probably acceptance of the reality and increased concentration and
identification with the Self (or what I think it is :-)!!!

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