83. hrIMpadapriyA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Sat Jun 27 21:58:09 CDT 1998

83. hrIMpadapriyA

SHE who is fond of the padam hrIM.

hrIM as the limb of the mantra (panchadashAkSharI) has the power to reveal
HER to those who meditate on it. According to the rule "shaktaM padaM"
that which is powerful is a padam.  Another definition for padam is
varNasamudAyam - grouping of letters. hrIm is formed from the combination
"ha" "ra" "I" "m.h". Hence it is a padam.  To those who meditate on this
pada SHE confers all the objects of life  by conferring the realization of
the Deity. Either way SHE is fond of hrIM.

AUM hrIMpadapriyAyai namaH

(*) "shaktaM padaM" is a rule of nyAya. It means that the word has power
to reveal certain thing. Or varNa is also pada according the upavarsha as
mentioned in brahma sUtra bhAshyam

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