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Dear Mr. Ravi, M. :

There has been no postings on advaita ever since I
joined this mailing list. Has there been no discussion or
has my address been inadvertently left out ?

You had asked for a brief introduction about myself and
my interest in Advaita. My home page may give info. about

The turning point in my life was the reading of 'Deivathin Kural'
vol - 1, as a student, way back in 1980. Ever since, I'm
covering all the lectures of H.H. Maha Periyaval and as a
consequence reading all works on Advaita - Pre-shankara,
Shankara's and Post-Shankara works.

I'm a frequent visitor to Shri. Vidya Shankar's now famous
home page on advaita, where I picked up your address for this
discussion group.

Both of you are doing a wonderful job and it merits more
compliments as you are doing this being research students.

May the Grace of H.H. be on both of you.

With regards,

Dr. Sudhakar R. Marur,
CSS Foundation for Research in Finite Elements,
MADURAI - 625 016,
Tel      : 091 - 080 - 527 4814
         : 091 - 0452 - 602 697
home page:

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