77. lambodaraprasUH

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77. lambodaraprasUH

SHE who is the mother of  mahAganesha. lambodara means Lord ganesha.
prasU means mother. SHE is the mother of Lord ganesha.

AUM lambodaraprasave namaH
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 Ramakrishnan wrote:
> Can anyone with access to shrI sadAnanda yogIndras vedAntasAra look
> it
>up and post what authorities he cites, if any, when interpreting
>tattvamasi by using the principle of jahadajallaxaNa? Thanks.

 In the vedAnta-sAra, a very lucid exposition of advaita vedAnta,
 the author sadAnanda cites verses from the naishhkarmya siddhi
 (3.3) and the panchadashI (7.75).  These are, of course,
 cited in support the jahadajahallaxaNa or the bhAgalaxaNa
 explanation/interpretation of the mahAvAkya.


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