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durlabhaM trayamevaitaddevaanugrahahetukam.h .
manushhyatvaM mumukshutvaM mahaapurushhasa.nshrayaH

 These three are difficult to obtain: to be born as a man, to have the
longing for release and the association with great souls. They are the
results of divine grace.

lab{}dhvaa kathachin{}narajanma durlabhaM
    tatraapi pu.nstvaM shrutipaaradarshanam.h .
yas{}tvaatmamuk{}tau na yateta muuDhadhiiH
    sa hyaatmahaa svaM vinihan{}tyasad.hgrahaat.h

 He who, havng somehow obtained this rare human birth, and more than that,
birth as a male and with correct knowledge of sruti does not strive for
liberation is a fool who kills his own soul. he kills himself by
involvement in what is not real.

itaH ko n{}vasti muuDhaatmaa yastu svaarthe pramaadyati .
durlabhaM maanushhaM dehaM praapya tatraapi paurushham.h

 Who is greater fool than this, who, having obtained birth as a human
being and that as a male, is forgetful of his own interests?

vadan{}tu shaastraaNi yajan{}tu devaan.h
    kurvan{}tu karmaaNi bhajan{}tu devataaH .
aatmaik{}yabodhena vinaapi muk{}tiH
    na sidhyati brahmashataan{}tare.api

 Let one read the sastras, sacrifice to the gods, perform karmas or
meditate on the divinities; liberation will not arise even after hundreds
of brahmakalpas without knowledge of the Unity of brahman

amR^itatvasya naashaasti vittenetyeva hi shrutiH .
braviiti karmaNo muk{}terahetutvaM sphuTaM yataH

 The sruti declaresa that there is no hope of immortality merely by worldy
goods. Hence, it is clear that karma cannot be the cause of liberation.


 Because birth as a human being can be secured only as a result of merit
earned through many lives in the past, because a man should not be
unconcerned about his own spiritual welfare, because liberation is of the
nature of absolute bliss in which there is complete negation of all
sorrow, because such liberation does not arise by mere study of the karma
kAnda portion of the Vedas and acting in accordance with it because sruti
itself conveys this truth by saying "amrtatvasya nAsAsti vittena" (Brh),
"that immortality cannot be secured by worldy goods and as such karmas
which produce them are discountenanced for the purpose of liberation,
therefore, let the wise men strive truly and well for liberation.


 The way I write the sanskrit quote of the VivekachudAmani verses is going
to be a lot different henceforth. I have taken Ravi's suggestion and found
out that the copy of this on the web. Many thanks to you Ravi, for it is a
lot easier when I cut and paste; and I believe this is the ITRANS way of
writing sanskrit.


                      Vaidya N. Sundaram
 Kandavar Vindilar      : Those who have seen (Brahman) have not spoken
  Vindavar Kandilar     :   those who speak (about It) have not seen (It)
    satyakAma, satyasaMkalpa, Apatsakha, kAkutsa, shrIman nArAyaNa
        puruShottaMa, shrI ranganAtha, mama nAtha, namostute.

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