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Tue Jun 16 16:03:34 CDT 1998

> but my personal experience with advaita comes from Vivekananda
> who I consider as the Modern Shankara,who came to revive the Advaita
> Vedanta.

IMO, not even close.  I would say the most important post-Shankaracharya
figure in Vedanta is Swami Madhusudan Sarasvati.  Just as Shankaracharya
founded the Dashanamis, he reorganized them in their current form.
Shankaracharya confounded the opponents of the Vedas in his day.  MS's
Advaitasiddhi and other works refuted the arguments of Dvaitins etc.  He
firmly reconciled Bhakti with Vedanta both through his own works and
encouraging people like Shri Tulsidas just as the Acharya established
Bhakti in his own time.  So if anyone deserves the title of Modern
Shankara, I think it should be him.

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