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On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Ravisankar S. Mayavaram wrote:

> namaste Giri
> I agree with you that if there is a will definitely there is a way. Even
> in the States it is possible to follow (whether one gets benefit or not)
> many things.  But staying in India is a great advantage as the resources
> available much more than here.

On the other hand, there are problems in India we don't have to face.  The
political situation for one.  And for instance I hear that in Rajkot
summer has begun and with it drought. Such a simple thing as daily snana
will become difficult for many people.  So you should look at it that
there are problems everywhere and opportunities everywhere.

> I should learn to cultivate the habit of
> doing mAdyAhnIkam. Honestly, I very rarely do it. What you said about
> devatArAdhanam is also true.
> Many like me do not deserve the birth as brahmana, for we have thrown away
> the opportunity given to us, and seek wealth and mundane education like
> others.  May shrI mAtA guide us all and direct our minds (dhiyo dharmAdi
> gocharAH) towards dharma mArgam.

Maybe you threw away chances in the past but today is a new day.  "desh"
is maya and so is "kala".  You're in Texas right?  I know of a couple of
learned Gujarati Pandits in Texas so I'm sure there are South Indian ones
too.  Make use of them, they would probably be happy to help..

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