70. lakShakoTyaNDanAyikA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Sat Jun 13 22:08:10 CDT 1998

70. lakShakoTyaNDanAyikA

SHE who is the leader of the countless Universes.

lakSha here means innumerable of countless and aNDa refers to brahmANDa-s.
Since saMsAra is without beginning, the aNDa-s belonging the past, present
and future are innumerable. They are the hiraNyagarbha or virAT in their
integral form; vishva and taijasa in their individual form or limitations.
All these Universes are HER limitations or upAdhi-s (see *), SHE is the
leader of these countless Universes. SHE is the basic Awareness, HER
reflection on them confers HER reality to them.

AUM lakShakOTyaNDanAyikAyai namaH

[*] When SHE becomes sopAdhika or with limitations, SHE is Ishvara in the
integral form and jIva in the individual form. Again these are qualified
by three kinds of limitations. They are sthUla, sUkShma and kAraNa. Under
these three kind of upAdhi-s, Ishvara is known ar vaishvAnara,
hiraNyagrabha and mAyAvi respectively. Similarly jIva is known as vishva,
taijasa and prAj~nA.

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