68. lalATanayanArchitA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Thu Jun 11 21:34:03 CDT 1998

68. lalATanayanArchitA

SHE who is worshipped by focussing one's eyes between eyebrows.

lalATa nayana means those who have eye in lalATa. The space between
eyebrows is called lalATa. This name can be interpreted in two ways. It
can mean Lord shiva who has an eye in His forehead. Hence, this name can
mean SHE who is worshipped by Lord shiva. Here, nayana can also mean
knowledge. Yogis are known to meditate using a posture called khechari
mudra. In this posture the tongue is rolled  backwards towards the base
and eyes focus on the space between the eyebrows. In this state, mind is
interiorized and made still, and the yogi is absorbed in the self
knowledge. SHE is worshipped by such yogis.

 In the jAbalyupaniShad, the great R^ishhi yAj~navAlkya while answering to
atri, stated that, if parameshvara is worshipped in avimukta (which means
vAraNAsi and also space between eyebrows) the worshipper attains the
ultimate puruSha. It means that  SHE will be realized by those who worship
HER by the way mentioned by yAj~navAlkya mahaR^ishhi.

AUM lalATanayanArchitAyai namaH

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