Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Mon Jun 8 08:51:36 CDT 1998

namaste Giri

I agree with you that if there is a will definitely there is a way. Even
in the States it is possible to follow (whether one gets benefit or not)
many things.  But staying in India is a great advantage as the resources
available much more than here.  I should learn to cultivate the habit of
doing mAdyAhnIkam. Honestly, I very rarely do it. What you said about
devatArAdhanam is also true.

Many like me do not deserve the birth as brahmana, for we have thrown away
the opportunity given to us, and seek wealth and mundane education like
others.  May shrI mAtA guide us all and direct our minds (dhiyo dharmAdi
gocharAH) towards dharma mArgam.

With respects,

My knowledge is sanskrit is poor, I may make many mistakes due to my
tamizh bias. Please correct me.  The fire ceremony brahmachAris do is
"samidhA dAnam or samhitAdAnam?. Despite that fact I have done that for a
year when I was young, I dont know its spelling in sanskrit ;-)

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