Summary of the 20 names beginning with "I"

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Mon Jun 8 08:36:06 CDT 1998

41. IkArarUpA
SHE who is known by the akShara I
AUM IkArarUpAyai namaH

42. IshitrI
SHE who is the directing force
AUM Ishitryai namaH

43. IpsitArthapradAyinI
SHE who gives the desired objects.
AUM IpsitArthapradAyinyai namaH

44. IdR^igityavinirdeshyA
SHE who cannot be defined to have such and such qualities.
AUM IdR^igityavinirdeshyAyai namaH

45. IshvaratvavidAyinI
SHE who confers the atitude of oneness with Ishvara.
AUM IshvaratvavidAyinyai namaH

46. IshAnAdibrahmamayI
SHE who is one with brahmAs like IshAna.
AUM IshAnAdibrahmamayyai namaH

47. IshitvAdyaShTasiddhidA
SHE who confers the eight great powers.
AUM IshitvAdyaShTasiddhidAyai namaH

48. IkShitrI
SHE who is the passive spectator.
AUM IkShitryai namaH

49. IkShaNasR^iShTa.nDakoTiH
SHE whose desire created millions of universes.
AUM IkShaNasR^iShTa.ndakoTaye namaH

50. IshvaravallabhA
SHE who has kAmeshvara as HER husband.
AUM IshvaravallabhAyai namaH

51. IDitA
SHE who is the object of praise of vedAnta.
AUM IDitAyai namaH

52. IshvarArdhA.ngasharIrA
SHE who has  bliss as HER form(half of Lord shiva's body, sat-chit-Ananda).
AUM IshvarArdhA.ngasharIrAyai namaH

53. IshAdidevatAyai namaH
SHE who is the presiding deity for both Ishvara and jIva.
AUM IshAdidevatAyai namaH

54. IshvarapreraNakarI
SHE who directs the actions of Ishvara
AUM IshvarapreraNakaryai namaH

55. IshatANDavasAkShiNI
SHE who witness the the dance of Ishvara.
AUM IshatANDavasAkShiNyai namaH

56. Ishvarotsa"nganilayA
SHE who is seated on the lap of Ishvara.
AUM Ishvarotsa"nganilayAyai namaH

57. ItibAdhAvinAshinI
SHE who destroys the evils and troubles [that affects HER devotees]
AUM ItibAdhAvinAshinyai namaH

58. IhAvirahitA
SHE who has no unfulfilled desires.
AUM IhAvirahitAyai namaH

59. IshashaktiH
SHE who is the power of Ishvara.
AUM Ishashaktaye namaH

60. IShatsmitAnana
SHE who has smiling and benign countenance.
AUM IShatsmitAnAyai namaH

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