Gregory Goode goode at DPW.COM
Fri Jun 5 09:25:15 CDT 1998

At 08:37 AM 6/5/98 +0530, Dr. M. Giridhar wrote:

>        Kanchi periyava, in his book 'The voice of divinity' says many
>people are intellectually discussing vedanta, perverting vedantic truths
>by saying 'I am not indulging in desires, only the body is enjoying
>sense-pleasures.' and asking sincere aspirants looking for guidance, 'The
>guide is your own Self, no need to make effort, just be effortless' etc.
>I used to think (before I stayed in US) that he was making a mountain of a
>molehill, but I have come to understand what he is saying is probably an
>understatement !

More and more of an understatement all the time.  I've seen many of these
teachers in the U.S., and talked to many of their confused students and
devotees.  Some of what results is a pernicious new egocentric
superimposition, with the ego now attributing Absolute or Brahman-status to
itself, claiming that it doesn't do anything, but actually continuing to do
the same old egocentric things as before.  Hence the perverted statements
as above, "I am not doing that, it is only the body."

Is there somewhere I can get a copy of the Voice of Divinity?

--Greg Goode

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