What is adhikAra? (fwd)

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Thu Jun 4 15:13:22 CDT 1998

   Thanks ShrI Ram Chandran for the timely posting containing
paramAchAryal's statements.  I have some basic questions regarding
some of the information mentioned.

---ShrI Ram Chandran <chandran at ECON.AG.GOV> wrote:
  (...some original post deleted for brevity.)
> Classification of Vedas
> Vedas - Rgveda, Yajurveda, SAmaveda, Atharvaveda

1. Sometimes, Atharvavedam is mentioned but sometimes it is omitted.
   Why?  In a wider sense, are the vedAngas and the upavedas also
 considered to be shruti?  What exactly constitutes shruti?

> Sub-commentraies (VyAkhyA, VarthikA, TikA:

2.  Is not varTikS also a kind of TikA.  I would be grateful if someone
   could explain the different kinds of sub-commetaries like bhAshyA,
   tippanI, churnI etc.  What purpose does each serve?

Thanks in advance,


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