In Every Society

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Thu Jun 4 09:44:19 CDT 1998

sarvebhyo namaH,
  In every society we find classes, divisions,
castes such as those who are thinkers and teachers
with knowledge, who are sattva-dominant; then,
there are those who are very constructive involved
in marketing and advertising, the politicians and
soldiers who are rajas-dominant; also, there are
those involved in agriculture and shipping; then
there are those who lack a certain amount of initiative
and make up the working class, physical laborers, etc.
who are mostly tamas-dominant. Every society needs
all of these to function properly.
  In every body, in a microcosmic perspective,
we find the same divisions: the mind is the perception
found in the head, braahmaNa, used for studying the
scriptures and for teaching; the arms stand for all
the constructive actions; the stomach digests the
food and distributes it to the whole body; the feet
provide support for the body and follow instructions
directly from the mind in the head. We require all
the limbs and all the organs in order to function
properly - otherwise, we should probably be composed
of all head!
  Brahman/Atman is complete and whole and there is
not one part inferior to another part because Brahman
cannot be divided into parts. All is sat-chit-aananda.
  This information is outlined in R^igVeda 10,
anuvaaka 7, suuktaM 6, mantras 11 and 12; also, in
the Yajur Veda, Chapter 31, mantras 10 and 11; also,
in the Atharva Veda, 19, Chapter 6.
  My comments above are from my notes of Swami
Viditatmananda's lecture series of "Talks on PuruSha
SuuktaM" tapes.

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH


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