New member introduction: shrI Krishna Vaidyanathan

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Mon Jun 1 14:35:09 CDT 1998

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> I would say this is the typical experience of most Hindu families.  One
> practices the various rites and rituals not for some purpose but simply
> because it is one's obligation.  So no "Understanding" is needed.


Knowing the principles behind the rituals will help one to do it
more effectively.  Take for instance Achamanam, when one understands
why we do it, its power increases (atleast I imagine so) dramatically.
When we waste so much time and effort to understand many meaningless
things (like news), I think one should strive hard to understand the
meaning behind the rituals.


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