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On Fri, 15 May 1998, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:

> Anand Hudli wrote:
> >  6) It may appear that 4) contradicts 2). But this cannot be the case.
> >    HH the Swami of Sringeri, himself a scholar in tarka-shAstra, can
> >    never contradict Shankara. So we should interpret 4) in the manner
> >   indicated by 5). That is, by studying the jnAna-yoga granthas, one
> >   may get krama mukti. In other words, the study of such works
> >   _eventually_ leads one to mokSha, not to jIvanmukti. Perhaps, by
> >   such study, one gets an excellent birth in an excellent family in
> >  the next life. Then every opportunity to study VedAnta directly
> >  will become a certainty.
> Not so. In fact by yoga vAshishhTha moxa _may_ be obtained right now by
> _anyone_. The prime example is vidura and dharmavyAdha who were GYAni-s
> (accepted by shrI sha.nkara). They may not have used the YV, but they
> could not have used upanishhad-s either. The so called "contradiction"
> is resolved not by assuming krama mukti. It means that they heard the
> mahAvAkya-s in some previous birth, but because their minds were not
> pure enough, produced results in the next birth only. shrI sureshvara
> has explained this in naishhkarmya siddhi II.2-5. Here he raises a pUrva
> paxa objection giving examples where people are known to have attained
> GYAna and implies that they must have heard the mahAvAkya-s previously.
> Apparently sarvaGYAtma muni makes this very explicit and states that
> those who seem to attain moxa without mahAvAkya-s must have heard it in
> their previous life (sorry, I can't give exact references).
> So _anyone_ may obtain moxa here and now.

It seems to me both your view and Anands can be accepted without fear of

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