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>                                          Om
>                              PranoDevi Saraswati
> Shravanam and Aswijam are traditionally set for Devi puja.  Kartikam is the
> month shiva pujas are done and Rudram recited.

In Gujarat it is Shravana when we do Shiva Puja.  At the
beginning of the month we make a "partheeva" (out of clay.) Shivalinga to
worship.  Then at the end of the month we return it to a river.

> Shrvana Shukruvara,s (Fridays) are auspicious for Devi Pujas for all persons
> especially for mahilalu (women).  This coming friday 31st happens to be
> Ashtami the best combination ever. Shravana masam- ashtami and shukravar.
> Recite lalita sahasranamam or trisati or saundlyalahari or saptashati or any
> mantra in praise of jaganmata - satchidananda vigrah.

Women do this puja on Fridays.  They also do "sol somavar vrat" on the 16
Mondays of Chaturamas.

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sadananda wrote:

> - Bhuoutika sanyaasa does not guarantee that either - There are many
> examples of sanyaasiis who are attached to there own kamandalams or
> koupiinams.  This  was true story I read:  when they were inaugurating the
> Banaraus Hindu University, they had invited a grate sanyaasii from
> Himalayaas (I forgot the name).  They made all arrangements possible for
> his comforts. But they forgot to provide him the mat of kusha for his
> sleep. They put him up in the best hotel with a Dunlop bed.  Apparently he
> needed kusha to sleep otherwise he cannot.  They had to run around in the
> middle of the night to get lot of kusha and spread on the bed for him to
> sleep.  Hence attachment can occur at any level.

Whoever said no? If some so called sannyAsI did not follow sannyAsa
properly is it a problem of the sannyAsa dharma or the people who
(don't) follow it? If some incomptent civil engineer builds a bridge and
it breaks down is it the fault of the civil engineer or with the
discipline of civil engineering?

Frankly all this has been already answered 100s of times in this list
and it mmakes me wonder who is "re-hashing" issues. If you don't have
the capacity to take up sannyAsa why not admit it? There is instead an
effort to disparage the sannyAsa dharma by giving pointless examples.


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