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On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, f. maiello wrote:

> hariH OM!
> Please forgive the delayed response.
> If I may, I would urge Gummuluru to re-join, for the benefit
> of the List.
> An eclectic approach is the best of all, because it ultimately
> provides the most sincere and honest attempt at the discovery
> of truth.  It has the capacity to embrace orthodoxy in areas
> where, when and if necessary, whereas orthodoxy is incapable
> of doing so.

Orthodoxy is incapable of embracing orthodoxy?

> There's a loose parallel between the political
> philosophies of the Rebublican Right vs Democratic Left.
> In fact, it's educational to see the tendency toward fanaticism
> and closed-mindedness on the Right, and tolerance and liberal-
> mindedness on the Left, where the Left recognizes portions of
> the Right's fundamentalist views to be valid, but not the other
> way around.

Your parallel is offensive in the extreme as well being evn looser than
you think.  (Or were you unaware the left has its own dogmas and
Republicans recognize some part of leftist views to be correct?)

> The consequences of this are profound and far
> reaching, contributing to much of the social intolerance we're
> witnessing, especially in American society these days.

If you think that pointing out errors in peoples misunderstanding of
Vedanta is akin to social intolerance than I say viva intolerance.

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