ADVAITA-L Digest - 27 Jul 1998 to 28 Jul 1998

Giridhar giridhar at CHEMENG.IISC.ERNET.IN
Wed Jul 29 22:31:30 CDT 1998

>> One important thing I am learning these days is to stay away from
>> writing unnecssary stuff. I apologize to shrI Murthy for my
>Yes Ravi....I am glad that you realised it yourself. You are the list
>"moderator" and I think your job ends there. Nobody wants silly remarks
>and retorts from you all the time.

"Nobody" ? So, you are doing the mistake I did a few days back i.e., speaking
for everyone. You are assuming all the 90 members do not want Ravi to post.
You are wrong.

I strongly recommend Ravi to post more and more. There goes your "nobody"

I have felt some posts (but not Ravi's) to be silly, but I have not asked the
poster to stop posting. Hinduism, dear sir, thrives on purvapaksha arguments,
however, silly they might be.

>The list is going on wonderfully without your saucy "inputs", I dare

Maybe you are unaware of the time and effort Ravi has put to make this
list "go on wonderfully." He conceived and created this list. He is not
just a
moderator, but also a member. He is most welcome to post his views.

>say. We are interested in studying the thoughts of Sankaracharya, if you

Yes, and I have never seen Shankara ask some one to shut up (i.e., post no

Further, what Ravi said in that particular mail (as far as I intrepret him)
is" a householder should not talk like a paramartha." In fact, anyone who
does not abide in Self all the time, should not talk like one, (See the
quote in my previous post.) He may have later withdrawn that statement
thinking it is wrong (or for some other reason). I feel, however, the
statement is correct because Ramana Maharshi says the same thing (i.e., we
should not "pretend" to be a jnani by talking like one.)

So, I request Ravi to post more and more on whatever topics he wants as a
list member. He can be assured that there is atleast one person (i.e., me)
who learns from him about bhakti and sadhana.


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