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Wed Jul 29 13:21:59 CDT 1998

Nagy made an excellent observation re the idea that a
brahmajnani's realization of brahman as the lone reality
causes all sadhana to collapse...Vidyasankar made an
excellent reply...

I would like to add:

These are only thoughts.  And thoughts, per se, are never the
Truth.  They come and go.  Why bother so much with them?
They are lila.  And each one, though real, is merely an infintesimal
fragment of brahman. Remember, the Truth is the Whole of brahman.
Thus the transmitting power of the moment even filled by thought
(saguna) is also nirguna brahman.  Thus are we satchidananda in
all moments of time.  Whether we realize it or not, we are That.
(Just like dreams trick us into believing such things at the time,
we wake and call them with this business of ego.)

I have realized through my mind that vyavaharika is an impossible
state.  It cannot logically exist.  There can be no real isolated
lifeformed units of consciousness, disconnected from eachother.
Somehow my emotions can still trick me into forgetting, though.
This is praradha on auto-pilot.  (This is how I know free will
doesn't exist. I know that within the game of vyavaharika, one
must act as though free will is real, lest one can be driven mad.
Remember that free will presupposes a separative doer.  Is there
really a separative doer?)  And as soon as I enquire as to its
source, it's found to be, wholistically, mithya.  So how does one
substantiate this apparent illusion?  By realizing that it's
brahman's lila.  That it's *part* of what one is (thus in this
sense *not* an illusion), and when factored into its Substratum,
one becomes conscious of the bliss of sathya.  This is the finding
when Self-enquiry is applied (Bhagavan RM's adopted method is
the most powerful of all).  Who knows, maybe it's just the mental
repetition of it after so many years (for example, I started in
1968), that yields the conviction that one is indeed only That.
That *all* are indeed only That!

pranaam to our ONE

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