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Tue Jul 28 16:25:45 CDT 1998

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998 Chelluri at wrote:

>                                                 om
>                              Brahmavit Brahmaiva Bhavati
> Brahma is one without second (my understanding)
> If my understanding is correct then for a BrahmaJnani who is a brahma there is
> nothing else exists.  There are no students to teach, no slokas to recite and
> no pujas to be performed.  This concept is frigtening.

I think it is not frightening for the brahmavit. It is only frightening
for us, as we do not understand it properly. It is for this reason that
the AcAryas do not speak of vedAnta to the general public. There is fear
only where there is a second. If one makes an effort to develop the
qualities of Sama, dama, titikshA, vairAgya etc., it will go a long way in
facing this fear and overcoming it.


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